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Top tips to reduce your fleet running costs this winter

Many businesses rely on company cars to transport their employees to important meetings and it’s because of this owners need their fleet to be both reliable and affordable. With petrol prices rocketing this year, striking a balance between these two areas is becoming an increasingly difficult task to manage. So, with this in mind, here are a few top tips for running a fleet of cars in a cost-efficient manner.

Select the right vehicles
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The type of cars you run will of course make a huge impact on the money you need to pay out both on an annual and day-to-day basis. When purchasing new cars you should consider factors like the vehicle’s fuel-efficiency, the tax bracket it falls into and the condition of the car itself. Many fleet owners want their vehicles to make a good impression when they are out on the roads or seen by associates and it can be tempting to opt for flashier models on this basis. However, before you do this make sure you fully consider the long-term running costs of the vehicle. Besides, what better impression can be created than to show your firm is aware of social and environmental responsibility?

Shop around for the best price

Whether it’s making sure you have got the best price for your fleet insurance, or securing a good price on services and valeting with a garage, spending some time conducting research can make you significant savings. Speaking to insurance specialists who understand the needs of a fleet better may mean you get a better value and more tailored package, so look at the offerings of the likes of Staveley Head fleet insurance. When it comes to car maintenance, often when you have a number of vehicles and can offer repeat business, you are able to negotiate a better deal; so don’t be afraid to ask if there is any flexibility with prices.

Make the most of what you’ve got

Rather than supplying company cars purchase Viagra online direct to employees, it can be more beneficial to set up a car pool or sharing scheme. Having a set number of vehicles that can be used by a number of employees, rather than individuals, will help you cut the volume of cars you need to buy and run, helping you to reduce your outgoings.

Car sharing can also help the environment too. If you do have a fleet of cars that are driven by a number of individuals, don’t forget to make sure they are all adequately insured.

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