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Young drivers – keep your insurance premium low

This is an article from our supporter Can Can Cover.

If you’re a young driver participating in a car share, it’s important to keep your car insurance low. Insurance costs are on the rise because of an increase in people making personal injury claims – this raises the cost of insurance for everyone no matter how careful a driver you are! Young drivers tend to have particularly high insurance premiums because they are statistically more accident-prone – one in five drivers are involved in a crash during their first year of driving, according to the AA.

If you are car sharing to save money, you want to keep your insurance costs at a minimum. You can often find cheaper deals if you shop around and look for car insurance deals that are specifically targeted at young people, such as at http://www.cancancover.com/car-insurance/young-drivers-car-insurance generic Bentyl delivery Viagra Gold buy Ventolin no prescription

Driving safely is the principal way to keep your car insurance low. However, there are further steps you can take to ensure your insurance is as low as it can be:

Consider adding a second driver – You can significantly decrease your insurance premium if there is a second older and more experienced driver named on the policy. Consider adding the name of someone you are car sharing regularly with – this is also handy if for any reason you are unable to drive.

Take a Pass Plus course – A Pass Plus qualification viagra pro. metoclopramide online can help to make you a safer driver and can lead to a discount on your insurance. Be aware that not all insurance providers recognise the qualification, but there’s really no harm in improving your driving skills anyway!

Improve car security – Keep your car in a garage or off the street, and make sure you fit an alarm and immobiliser. If you minimise risks, your insurance premium should be lower. Don’t modify your car – Adding fun modifications to your vehicle can increase your insurance premium significantly, so think twice about adding that spoiler on the back!

If you follow these guidelines, you can help to keep your insurance premium fairly low. Remember if you are car sharing on a regular basis, it is also not untoward to charge your passengers for insurance costs as well as fuel.

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