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5 easy ways to be a super green traveller

Car sharing is a great way to start – yet it is not the only way to be eco-friendly while on holiday. Travelling green can be very easy, youai??i??ll see!

Pack light
The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. Pack only what you need!

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Book electronic travel tickets
When flying, book electronic tickets. It will not only reduce paper waste, but it will make you less likely to lose it too!

Turn lights and air conditioning off
When you leave your hotel room, donai??i??t forget to turn off the lights and air conditioning.Ai??Switching off the lights overnight in an empty room throughout the year can save 440kg CO2!

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Wash room towels every other day
Just act in a hotel the same way you would act at home. You wouldnai??i??t wash your towels every day, right? Just ask room towels to be washed every other day rather than every day. Small gesture but great impact!

Walk or cycle
If youai??i??re unsure on how public transportations work in the city youai??i??re in, just use the basics and greenest ways of travelling: walk and cycle! Avoid taking the car for short journeys, live the adventure!


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Watch what you buy as souvenirs
Souvenirs can be very tricky depending on the country you are visiting. Make sure youai??i??re not buying anything made from endangered plants or animals!

See how easy it is to stay green on holidays? Car share to your destination and youai??i??ll be the environmentai??i??s best friend!

Happy green vacation from Manon & the GoCarShare team!


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