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A nifty way to store your treasure!

This week, we’re glad to be inviting our Sharing Economy friend, Storemates, to post on our blog.Ai?? We’re keen to get help you guys share, so here’s more info about Storemates and theirAi??ingenious, low cost solution to storage starved households.

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Ai??What inspired the creation of Storemates? Flomax online

Co-founder Shaff Prabatani came up with the idea when his girlfriend moved into his tiny flat. One became two and she soon announced that the two would be three! What followed were frantic attempts toai??i??yes, create room! The spare bedroom had to be transformed into a nursery and things had to be hurriedly stuffed in boxes and packed off. Put off by extortionate self storage costs, Shaff approached his neighbours for help. A happy solution was reached. They rented storage space in a neighbourai??i??sAi??garage for a fraction of the price that the big storage companies charge. The light bulb moment followed and the idea of Storemates was born. Ai??


How does Storemates work?

Storemates has listings of over 2000 secure storage spaces from across the UK, with over 100 storage spaces added every month. All hosts are verified and water-tight contracts and safeguards are in place. The site also offersAi?? A?10,000 of free cover against loss or damage for both parties, to ensure peace of mind.


How can Storemates benefit me?

The benefits are numerous. Storage hosts make a second income by renting out a part of their attic, cupboard, garage or spare room to a local looking for cheaper storage. Itai??i??s environmentally friendly too, as the use of existing space means fewer, ugly warehouses getting built!


How can I support them?

If you’re interested in supporting Storemates on their exciting journey, check out their crowd funding campaign here.

To search for space or rent your space, check them out atAi??storemates.co.uk

Or if you still have a question or two you can get a hold of the co-founder Shaff onAi??shaff@storemates.co.uk.


All the best from GoCarShare and Storemates





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