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Away Day Horror Stories!

What could be scarier than a horrendous away day? Zombies? Suave talking vampires? Bloodthirsty suave talking zombie vampires on an away day?

Ai??’Brains Darling’

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All of the above are quite unsettling, but the fact of the matter is, there’s an epidemic right now. Extortionate train fares and gruelling journeys are turning Britain’s football fanatics into jaded zombies, tired of reaching deep into their pockets to fork out large wads of cash on journeys. Understandably fans aren’t too pleased with the amount theyai??i??re spending on run down, pricey train shenanigans.

‘This carriage is rather dated’

Of course one of the biggest nightmares is the lack of control with public transport when going to a game, and even home games can be a nightmare especially for far flung fans! A close friend of mine, a Newcastle supporter living in London (on the verge of zombification) had a horrendous time getting to games. Spending well over A?120 to get the train and sometimes a whole lot more because he needed a hotel for the night! Thankfully he’s much chirpier now because he can share his trip up to jolly Geordie land with some other London based fans he met through GoCarShare and he only has to spend A?36 for the round trip! BARGAIN!

GoCarShare are officially kicking off GoCarShare: Sport this week to make your away days that bit easier! Wanna come to our launch jam? Click here!Ai??Would be great to see you there!

I’d like to wrap up the blog with this poem. It’s dedicated to all the brave fans who’ve suffered over the years from horrendous travels.

An ode to away days:

‘We’re slogging up to a far off game,

the away days here, it’s a bloomin’ pain!

The coach breaks down, the trains delayed, buy Valtrex online no prescription

I hope the games not underway!

Spent half a fortune on travel alone!

Games are a pain away from home!

We’ll be on time with a bit of luck,

glance down at my watch we’re late! Oh …darn!

It’s all kicked off! We need a saviour!

Down with extortion and SIGNAL FAILURE!

I’m ripping out chunks of my hair!

But wait what’s this? It’s GoCarShare!!!

We can travel there with the fans and all!

From door to door we’ll have a ball!

We’ve saved a bundle! What a win!

GoCarShare’s the best so yeah GET IN!


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Much love,

The GoCarShare Team,


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