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Best October festivals that you should visit

Summer is over and we are as sad as you are to see the music festivals slowly getting to an end. But well, October is full of great events in and around the UK. Here are the best ones to go to next month, while waiting for the next festivalsai??i?? season to run next summer:

Arts Festivals


Belfast Festival at Queenai??i??s: for two weeks Belfast becomes the home of the finest artistic talents during the Belfast Festival. The whole city turns into a gigantic theatre with artists including Israel Galvan and Roland Pontinen bringing the streets to life! Irelandai??i??s biggest festival of its kind, it attracts some of the biggest names in the world.

Film Festivals


BFI London Film Festival: The 58th BFI Film Festival kicks off in London on the 8th of October and will welcome film lovers for a 12-day celebration of cinema. It showcases the best of world cinema, and this year youai??i??ll be able to enjoy films of all genres from horror movies to animations.

Food & Drink


Oktoberfest: Although you can celebrate it in every capital and big cities in Europe, itai??i??s always better to get your experience right from the source! Munich hosts its 181st Oktoberfest this year and thereai???s expected to be a record amount of beer consumed! Last year, over 6 million litres of beer was drunk, to give you an idea..

Literature Festival


The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival: The Literature Festival in Cheltenham is the perfect way to start your month on a calm and artistic note. The Times leaders will be on site giving speeches, and Heston Blumenthal will share recipes from his latest collection. Relax from your extreme musical summer and meet some of the greatest writers of our times.
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Music Festivals


Buy Natrexone Amsterdam Dance Event 2014: Apart from letting you enjoy great electronic music, the festival offers many conferences, workshops, demonstrations and you can be on camera for the recording of boiler rooms. Learn during the day, apply at night!

Pitchfork: Paris 2014: Since 2011, the Pitchwork festival is the place to be in Paris at the end of October. From indie to electro, the music is varied, yet amazing. To give you a hint on what youai??i??ll have the chance to see this year: JosAi?? Gonzalez, Chvrches and James Blake will be attending!

SWN Festival in Cardiff: The capital of Wales is launching its four-day festival every October, turning the city into a huge musical fest. The 18th is that day of the month you get in your car and drive west! Need another reason to go? Cian Ciaran and Gabrielle Murphy will be there.

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Primavera Club 2014: If you want to extend your holidays, Barcelona might be a great solution to keep enjoying the vibe under the spanish sun. Based in Barcelona, it kicks off on the 31st of October and features a large number of great artists from the international as well as the local scene.



treatment with Sildenafil Loch Ness Marathon: If you still have some strength left after three months of intense festivals, why not take a run alongside the shores of the worldai??i??s most famous loch? Run fast, the monster might wake up..

Summer is over but festivals are still running here and there.. time to jump in your car and discover them!

Happy festivals from Manon & the GoCarShare team!

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