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Don’t just carshare, Give Greenly too!

GiveGreenly app

For us here at GoCarShare, the fact we can help the environment by just simply carsharing to a concert or an event is pretty amazing. Which is why we are so happy to supportAi??GiveGreenly Order Disulfiram online , an app that helps you donate to conservation projects with just the touch of a button!

Ai??What’s the inspiration behind GiveGreenly?

FounderAi??Bernhard Sengstschmid, a passionate conservationist, is aware of the issues smaller wildlife protection and conservation charities face when fundraising for important projects. With Ai??natural habitats being destoryed and more species becoming endangered there’s never been a better time to get stuck in and help. Ai??GiveGreenly provides much needed assistance to these charities so they find it easier and less costly to search for donations; giving them more time to protect endangered species like the White Rhino.

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cheap atarax How does it work?

GiveGreenly is unique, being the first fundraising initiative to enable quick and direct support Ai??for environmental protection projects through mobile donations. What’s more, through your small donation you also receive a voucher too; so it’s not just the animals that come out of this smiling! Ai??With no chuggers or stressful commitments, you’re free to support projects when you can.

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What can I do to support it?

Currently the GiveGreenly app is iOS only (boo!) so Android users are missing out on helping a good cause. GiveGreenly want to rectify this, but they’ll need you help! Head over to their crowdfunding page on StartNext and help them reach their target; we (and the orangutans) would really appreciate it!

The GoCarShare Team and GiveGreenly x



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