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GoCarShare top tips: how to make your journey awesome

Itai??i??s not unusual to be a little bit nervous the first time you car share. Even we were!Ai??But at GoCarShare we hear tales all the time of people whoai??i??ve had amazing car share adventures, and we thought weai??i??d share some tips we learned along the way:

1. Be an early bird: buy Vermox online Give yourself some extra time to make sure youai??i??re at the right place at the right time. Plan your journey to your pickup point. Leave some extra time to allow for your plans to change and transport to be disrupted.
This is a small thing that will make your first meeting with your driver a good one from the very beginning!


2. Letai??i??s talk!: Before leaving on your journey, check out our icebreakers guide to make the most out of it. It will help ensure that there arenai??i??t any awkward moments!Ai??Car sharing is the great occasion to meet new people, hear great experiences and even make a new friend in the process.

viagra riyadh. 3. Suggest a car game: If conversations do run a bit dry, check out our purchase Bentyl Top 5 car games to make sure no one gets bored on the way!

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4. Bring a reasonable amount of luggage: Your whole dressing room might not be necessary to sleep in a tent at a festival. But mainly, your driverai??i??s car is unlikely to look like a minibus. If the car is full, respect the space of the others and try to travel light!

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5. Set the ground rules: Bringing a snack for everyone is a nice attention, just make sure your driver is fine with having food in his car!

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Every car sharing experience is different and thatai??i??s the greatest part of it. But if you follow our tips, you might make it awesome every single time!

Good car sharing from Manon & the GoCarShare team!

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