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Shambala 2015- Five things to do when you’re not listening to the music!

There’s a wholeAi??spectrumAi??of things to do at Shambala this year! So when you’re not listening to the stellar music line-up, there plenty to getAi??our teeth into! Here’s some of the activities that have really got us impatient for proceedings to begin!


Swing Dance Workshop/ The Big Swing Dance

Xenical pills The big swing dance

We don’t know about you guys, but being able to boggie effortlessly to some good ol’ fashioned swing has been a long held dream of our’s. Grab a Ai??couple of friends and see what you can learn in time for The Big Swing Dance!

Withering Tights

Kate Bush event 9[1].JPG-pwrt3


Okay so Shambala say that red dresses and flowers in your hair is not a requirement for this mass Kate Bush ballet flash mob…BUT… How else are we going to get into the character of Cathy, pining for Heathcliff?

Muppits Die Hard auscap side effects ear ringing.


Yes your eyes are not deceiving you! This mash-up of Die Hard and The Muppets is sure to entertain! Best not to bring any kids to this though!


Battle Rap with Mark Grist


Possibly the coolest English teacher in the world, Mark Grist traded in teaching kids about abstract nouns for the joys of rap and poetry. At this year’s festival, you’ll be able to watch him in a war of words with other rappers! Check out the order Paxil online battle that catapulted him into the stratosphere.

The Healing Meadows

atarax without prescription shambala_festival_2013198_web-960x450

Okay so this isn’t the typical festival experience, but sometimes we need a break after organising all those car shares!

What better way to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the festival than taking a relaxing workshop at the Healing Meadows. From Yoga to Tai Chi and a massage or two, they have all the things Ai??you need to find peace and relaxation at Shambala.


If you’re still looking for a ride to Shambala, check out our page here.

Happy GoCarSharing, Erectile Dysfunction

The GoCarShare Team x


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